Torridge Rivers Association


This page provides a summary of the current projects that the Association is involved with. In time the aim is to have a dedicated page for each project providing more detailed information and updates.

Salmon Hatchery: For the last ten years the Association has managed its own salmon hatchery with over 30,000 swim-up fry being released into the headwaters every spring. A very dedicated team of Association members, guided by Paul Carter from the Environment Agency, give a lot of their time to the hatchery.

Juvenile Fish Surveys: The Westcountry Rivers Trust has been commissioned by the Association in 2016 to carry out a three year programme of juvenile surveys. This is currently ongoing and due for completion in 2018. The results will enable us to pinpoint some of the problem areas in the catchment and encourage remedial action to be taken.

Spawning Gravel Rehabilitation: Every Autumn, work is undertaken to improve spawning gravels throughout the catchment. Salmon redds have been observed in areas where work has been carried out.

Riverfly Project: Members are involved with the Riverfly Project. Invertebrate abundance levels are regularly monitored at over 20 sites in the catchment. The results provide an important indicator of the health of the river.