Fishing Update August 2017

In the first week of August, middle river beats have been fishing particularly well with 14 salmon known to have been caught at Little Wareham, Madeira, Brightlea and Brimblecombe. Several of these fish were between 12/14lb, and also some fresh grilse. An encouraging number of sea trout have also been caught.

With the current water levels fishing prospects look excellent.

Fishing Update 8th July 2017

After the recent wet weather the river level has been up and down, which has given some good opportunities for excellent fishing.

Last weekend 3 salmon were caught at Madeira, 2 (10lbs and 8lbs) by John Graham and a grilse (4.5lbs) by Val Roberts. Graham Roberts caught a 2.5lb brown trout on a size 20 midge. Several school peal were also encountered in the high water but landing them was tricky.

The previous week saw 6 salmon from the Half Moon fishermen, 2 at Junction, 2 at Brimblecombe, 1 from Brightlea and 1 from Beam.

Sea trout and salmon should now be spread throughout the river.


Fishing Update July 2017

Considering the low flows since the early spring it has been an encouraging season so far. Unlike some years the salmon have moved upstream and seem to be spread through all the middle river beats. At last 30 have been caught, mostly in the range 8/12lbs but in the last fortnight some grilse have been caught in the 4/6lb range.
The sea trout anglers have also enjoyed some good fishing, highlighted by Martin Weeks and his friends who caught 17 in two nights fishing at Brimblecombe.
The brown trout fishing has been patchy, with little surface activity and most of the fish being caught with a nymph. Several fish over 2lbs have been caught.
At the time of writing there is much needed rain, so here’s hoping a spate will bring a run of fresh fish into the river.

2017 Fishing Season – Spring Update

It has been an unusually cold spring so far and after a wet spell at the end of March, April was exceptionally dry. In May the weather finally warmed up and the trout started to feed on the surface.

There has been an encouraging run of salmon and six have been caught below Beam Weir. Some warm rain and a spate will encourage these fish to move into the middle river.

The early sea trout have begun to make an appearance also, with two caught so far.