Fishing 2021

For the first time for several years the river was fishable on 1st March: running at a perfect height and clear. A 9lb fresh salmon was landed in the weir pool at Beam on 2nd March. A day later a very well-conditioned kelt of approx 11lb was caught in the Junction Pool at Okement Foot. Several more kelts have been caught during the month which is very encouraging. I have heard of two sea trout (both approx 2lb) being caught: one on the lower river at Beam and one mid-river on The Little Warham Fishery. A salmon angler fishing the Madeira beat caught a superb brown trout of approx 4lbs. Heavy rain in mid-March put the river out of order for several days before settling down again with a dry spell towards the end of the month.  April has started very cold with northerly winds and some snow showers.

Fishing Season 2020

Since the start of the Salmon fishing season on 1st March, the river has been in spate with no opportunity to cast a line. The first fish of the season is yet to be caught, but that could change with drier weather now in the forecast.

The trout fishing season started on the 15th March and as soon as water levels drop to a sensible height the season will get underway properly.

Good water levels are approximately 0.6m on the gauge at Rockhay bridge, or 0.3m on the gauge at Dolton bridge – see links to EA river levels on the Links & Websites page of this Site.

Hatchery Update

The news from the hatchery is that this winter has been very successful so far. 39,000 eggs were provided by the brood stock, which are now at the eye up stage, with very minimal losses of around 1%.

This is fantastic news and our thanks go to the very dedicated hatchery team who spend a lot of their time nurturing the eggs.


Annual AGM 2020 – Friday 3rd April. POSTPONED!


A new year brings with it a new fishing season with the salmon fishing beginning on 1st March and trout fishing on the 15th March. Time now to start preparing tackle and tying flies for the season ahead.

The Annual AGM will be held as usual at the Half Moon Inn on Friday 3rd April at 7pm, with an excellent buffet provided by the Association. This is always a well attended event, and it is great to hear news and stories from the river. Please gather your friends and joins us for an enjoyable social evening, everyone with an interest in the river is welcome, including those who don’t fish.


Reports have come in of some poachers,  seen fishing with spinning rods on the river above Beaford bridge. 3 middle aged men were spotted possibly of Eastern European origin.

Although they moved on without incident, please be cautious if you do come across them, and report any sighting to our EA officer Paul Carter (mobile 07768007363).



Half Moon Fishing offers

The Half Moon Inn is offering a £5 discount for members of the Association for day tickets for salmon, sea trout and brown trout. Please contact The Half Moon: tel 01409231376: e-mail info@half to make the arrangements.

The Association AGM

The AGM of the Association will be held at The Half Moon Inn on Friday 5th April: 7.00pm for 7.30pm. This is always a most enjoyable evening, so pleas bring some friends and  potential new members along. The Half Moon will be providing a buffet paid for by the Association.

Adrian Dowding, of the West Country Rivers Trust will be discussing the results of the juvenile survey completed last autumn.

Salmon Season Extension

As you are probably aware the Environment Agency has decided not to continue with the experimental salmon season extension during the first fortnight of October. This is not surprising as the Agency is introducing byelaws to further reduce culling of salmon by rods and nets. With the present pressure on salmon stocks your committee reluctantly feels it is the correct decision.

The 2018 season will end on Sunday 30th September.